Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for ensuring the scientific validity, objectivity, relevance and educational quality of all Annual Meeting sessions. There are two sub-committees supporting this work: Scientific Affairs and Local Arrangements.

Annual Meeting Chair(s)

Dr Adriaan Van Rensburg
Chair | Toronto, ON


  • Dr Tim Turkstra, Chair, Scientific Affairs Committee
  • Dr Stephan Schwartz, CJA Editor
  • Dr Cheryl Mack, Chair, Ethics Committee
  • Dr Colin McCartney, ACUDA Chair
  • Dr Lucie Filteau, Chair, Patient Safety Committee
  • Dr Gregory Dobson, Chair, Standards Committee
  • Dr Joel Parlow, CASIEF
  • Dr Dolores McKeen, CAS President
  • Dr Hilary Grocott, CAS Treasurer
  • Dr Andrew Nice, CAS Secretary
  • Dr Jason Chui, Chair, Neuroanesthesia section
  • Dr Faisal Siddiqui, Chair, Critical Care section
  • Dr Mahesh Nagappa, Chair, Ambulatory section
  • Dr Katherine Taylor, Chair, CPAS
  • Dr Summer Syed, Chair, CVT section
  • Dr Patrick Wong, Chair, Regional and Acute Pain section
  • Dr Vivian Ip, Chair, CAS-ES
  • Dr Susan O'Leary, Chair, Hospital Chiefs of Anesthesia
  • Dr Pascal Labrecque, Co-Chair, Hospital Chiefs of Anesthesia
  • Dr David Flamer, Chair, Chronic Pain section
  • Dr Fahad Alam, Chair, SESA
  • Dr Valerie Zaphiratos, Chair, Obstetric section
  • Dr Thomas Mutter, Chair, Perioperative section
  • Dr Jared Campbell, Chair, Anesthesia Assistants section
  • Dr Michael Szpejda, Co-Chair, Residents section
  • Dr Safia Nazarali, Co-Chair, Residents section