Medical Economics/Physician Resources

The CAS MEPR Committee is responsible for providing the CAS Board of Directors with information and advice regarding issues which influence the economics of anesthesia practice and anesthesia physician resources, including provincial health care plans, fees and schedules.

Medical Economics/Physician Resources Chair(s)

Dr Eric Goldszmidt
Co-Chair | Toronto, ON
Dr Jean-François Courval
Co-Chair | Dorval, QC


  • Dr Mateen Raazi, ACUDA/Saskatchewan representative
  • Dr Claire Middleton, Chair, COACT
  • Dr Angela Ridi, Newfoundland representative
  • Dr Jean-Yves Dubois, PEI representative
  • Dr George Kanellakos, Nova Scotia representative
  • Dr Saifee Rashiq, Albert representative
  • Dr Jennifer Whittingham, BC representative
  • Dr John Murdoch, New Brunswick representative
  • Dr Jennifer Plester, Manitoba representative
  • Dr Nicola Joly, Quebec representative
  • Dr Hélène Pellerin, Royal College representative
  • Dr Dolores McKeen, CAS president