Enhanced Recovery Canada (ERC)

Doctors hovering around patient Enhanced Recovery Canada (ERC) is a multidisciplinary initiative aiming at improving quality of care across Canada. ERC recognizes that surgery is part of a continuum of patient care from presentation to primary care, initial diagnosis, surgical treatment, rehabilitative care and ongoing assessment; and that the care team includes the patient, family and a variety of health professionals coordinating their efforts to optimize patient experiences and outcomes.  To learn more about ERC’s vision and mission, please refer the ERC recent position statement supported by 25 of ERC national partners.

Additional information can be found on the Canadian Patient Safety Institute website (CPSI). As of December 2018, ERC original material and additional information will be made available to all on the CPSI website.

Furthermore, please refer to the CAS 2018 Annual Meeting presentations found on the Member Portal. Under the Patient Safety section, you will find two PS safety ERC presentations and four ERAS/ERC workshop presentations.