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Education represents one of the pillars we are building upon to reach our mission of serving members and advancing the specialty, together with leadership, advocacy, and research. 

As an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, we are dedicated to the advancement of the medical practice of anesthesia and committed to fostering high-quality learning opportunities for our members, through an extensive continuous professional development program.

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The CAS CPD Program is overseen by a Continuing Education and Professional Development Committee (CEPD) whose role is to consider and advise the CAS Board on specialty and non-specialty education in all aspects of anesthesia, and to provide expertise on Maintenance of Certification and continuing education to CAS members, Annual Meeting delegates, consumers of CAS-supported educational material, and applicants for accreditation. The Committee also functions as an educational resource and support for all relevant Committees, Divisions, Sections, and the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. The program is developed and implemented together with the CAS Office, under the direction of the Director, Membership, Education and Communications and the Manager, Education and Policy. 
The CAS Vision in terms of CPD is to endorse, provide and promote a learning environment for all physicians, focused on best practice and safe anesthesia care embedded in reflective, self-directed, and group learning processes. 
The CPD Program’s Mission is to improve patient safety and care through advancement and support of professional educational opportunities for CAS members. 
Its Values assume that access to, and provision of skills and knowledge to meet both perceived and non-perceived needs of practitioners, is the best method of achieving the vision.   

The Program’s main components are: 


Access all of our Education Programming

CAS organizes an annual meeting designed to provide the most current knowledge and skills in the field of anesthesiology and other educational activities such as webinars and rounds. In addition, the Society provides an internationally recognized discipline specific journal – The CAS scientific journal – the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia - publishes an online Self-Assessment Program in the form of CPD modules, and is actively involved in faculty development. Furthermore, the Society is open to co-development opportunities. 


Access our Accreditation Services

CAS has been granted Accreditor Provider status from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Accreditation Committee. As such, we can review and accredit Section 1 and 3 Continuing Professional Development activities submitted by either Physician or Non-Physician organizations. 

The CPD Program goals, to be measured on an ongoing basis are to: 

  • Assess our members’ education needs (perceived and unperceived) through a bi-annual needs assessment survey, education program evaluation forms, consultation with CAS Committee and Section leaders and external sources (such as coroner’s reports).   

  • Plan and develop education opportunities consistent with the identified needs, in a variety of education formats to best meet them – group learning (such as conferences, webinars), self-assessment programs, simulation programs and opportunities for self-learning, helping members identify areas for improvement of knowledge, skills and performance. 

  • Plan education to address all roles in the CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework. 

  • Review and approve CPD activities as a Royal College accredited CPD provider, assessing compliance with the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities, and the Canadian Medical Association Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry. 

  • Provide information on accreditation standards and advise CPD planners on best practice and standards. 

  • Help members meet their CME requirements. 

  • Disseminate new knowledge through presentation of research. 

  • Develop partnerships with other CPD providers in the field of anesthesiology or related – universities, hospitals, national specialty societies. 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the CPD program by defining and measuring Key Performance Indicators. 

Approved 2022.