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The Canadian Anesthesiologist Society offers year-round events to help you achieve your professional goals and CME requirements. Learn at your own pace by taking an online CPD Self-assessment Module, attend a live webinar or network in- person at our Annual Meeting.

Untitled-design-(10).pngThe Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society offers a diverse range of upcoming events that cater to the professional growth and development of anesthesiologists across the country. Check out our CAS event schedule. 
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Untitled-design-(10).pngCAS offers CPD Self-assessment Modules co-developed with the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia and several education courses, accessible to both members and non-members. CAS members can access these resources for free or at a discounted price. 
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Untitled-design-(10).pngThe Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Annual Meeting promises to be an enlightening gathering of anesthesiology professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange at the forefront of the field.
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Untitled-design-(10).pngCAS events have covered a wide array of topics, ranging from advancements in anesthesia techniques and patient safety protocols to discussions on emerging technologies and interdisciplinary collaborations. Check out the archive below.
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Untitled-design-(10).pngDesigned to provide a comprehensive overview of upcoming events, the Global Anesthesia Event Calendar provides a centralized hub for tracking anesthesia-related meetings and gatherings worldwide.

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