Membership in the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS) is an investment in your future and your personal success. It ensures that you, along with your national colleagues, remain on the cusp of the latest clinical and technical innovations, research and political developments. Your support of your Society builds external integrity and forces medical and government leaders to listen to the voice of anesthesiologists who stand together.

Member Benefits Renew



Active and Associate members


Membership rate: $720
Medical Practitioners residing in Canada who are certified as specialists in anesthesia by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or by the Corporation professionnelle des médecins du Québec, or hold qualifications granting specialist status in anesthesia in the jurisdiction where such qualifications were obtained and are accepted by the Board of Directors of the Society.


Membership rate: $635
Medical practitioners residing in Canada who are not specialist anesthesiologists but are engaged in the practice of anesthesia. Medical practitioners and scientists residing in Canada not engaged in the practice of but interested in anesthesia.


Membership rate: $580
Physicians not residing in Canada who are engaged in the practice of anesthesia. Scientists not residing in Canada who are interested in anesthesia.


For newly certified Canadian anesthesiologists, we are pleased to provide discounts on fees for their first three years of practice.

Year One of Practice: 60% Discount ($288)
Year Two of Practice: 40% Discount ($432)
Year Three of Practice: 20% Discount ($576)

Resident members will be able to renew automatically at the discounted rates following certification – anesthesiologists new to CAS will need to include confirmation of their year of certification to take advantage of the discount for their current year of practice.

PLEASE NOTE: All rates are subject to HST/GST where applicable within Canada; no tax is applicable outside Canada.

Other Member Types

Want to be a member but don’t fit in the above categories? We also have categories for residents, anesthesia assistants, Fellows, medical students, and retired members. More details and how to become a member

Section Fees and Division Assessments

As a CAS member, you are eligible to join one/all of the Subspecialty Sections available to enhance your membership based on your professional needs.

Each Subspecialty Section is operated by their elected Executive Officers and sets its own membership fees.

Members living in each province comprise a Division of the Society. CAS collects and remits assessment fees for Active members (including Active Fellow and Active Deferred) for the following Divisions only:

  • Saskatchewan $75
  • Manitoba $50
  • Nova Scotia $50
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