CAS and Chiefs COVID-19 Surveys

CAS is connecting with our Hospital and Site Chiefs of Anesthesia on a weekly basis to gain information about the the current status of COVID-19 PPE and medication inventories/issues at hospitals across Canada.  This information will inform our advocacy efforts and provide CAS with an understanding of landscape during the pandemic.

CAS would like to distribute this survey to as many Chiefs and Site Chiefs as possible.  Please send any contact information to if you would like to be included, or would like the survey sent to your colleagues.
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June 19, 2020

GREEN - Sufficient to meet all needs 83%
YELLOW - Rationing - limited use 17%
RED - Unable to complete required procedures because of PPE shortages

Comment Highlights:
  • Specific types of N95’s are not available and staff are being re-tested for new mask types.
RED - Unable to complete required procedures due to medication shortages? 0%
YELLOW - Rationing - limited use 16%
GREEN - Sufficient to meet all needs 84%

Comment Highlights:
  • Propofol is being supplied as a 2% solution now.

6 week percentage breakdown