The term of an Operating Grant is two years (July 1 to June 30 of the second year), and it is not renewable. A Progress report and a Final report are due to CAS.

The PROGRESS REPORT is due by March 1 of the first award year, and it is reviewed and approved prior to the second instalment of any funds being released by CAS.

Please use the CAS Progress report template.

The GRANT FINAL REPORT is due by March 1 of the second award year (including cancellation of the award). This is the grant closing report documenting its outcomes, including abstract presentations, publications, leveraged funding, and trainee engagement.

Please use the CAS Final Report template.

It is expected that all CAS funds will have been spent within the two-year term of the award. A detailed plan for any unused funds must be submitted with the grant final report and will be reviewed by the Grant Standing Subcommittee. The Subcommittee reserves the right to ask that funds not used within the two-year term of the award be returned.

Should an awardee be unable to continue the research program for which they received support, the awardee must immediately notify CAS so that appropriate action can be taken.