2023 NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED. Thank you to all those who nominated a colleague.

Unless otherwise specified, the following applies to all awards EXCEPT FOR THE OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER AWARD:

For the Outstanding Volunteer Award, please click here to see the details. 

For all other awards, nominations must be submitted electronically in the form of a written submission by two Active members (unless otherwise specified) to the CAS President at president@cas.ca. A primary (corresponding) nominator must be identified and submit a nomination letter, co-signed by a supporting nominator. A maximum of two additional letters of support will be accepted.

Note: for the Clinical Teacher and John Bradley Young Educator Awards, one of the letters of support must come from a current trainee.

Nominations must contain appropriate supporting documentation including the nominee’s curriculum vitae. Please send materials as original PDF or Word files, not scans. Please order documents as follows:

  1. Main nomination letter
  2. Supporting Letters
  3. CV of nominee

Note: For the Research Recognition Award, nominations must have letters from at least three (no limit) sponsors plus a copy of the current CV of the nominee. Please submit as a single PDF or Word format file to the attention of the Chair of the CAS Research Advisory Committee c/o president@cas.ca.

Each nomination will be held active for a period of up to three years and will be reviewed annually. The primary nominator will be contacted to provide updated materials (especially a CV), every year. At the end of three years, a nomination will become inactive, but a new nomination may be resubmitted.

Note: For the Emeritus Membership Award, each nomination will be held indefinitely.

Nominees must be living at the time nominations are considered.


  • Members of the Board of the Society are not eligible to receive awards during and three years after their terms.
  • Nominations are judged by the CAS Awards Committee; therefore, CAS Awards Committee members may not contribute to a nomination.

Each award will not necessarily be given every year.