Anesthesiologists work in hospitals, clinics and pain treatment centres. For most anesthesiologists, most time is devoted for caring for patients in the operating room. They may also spend part of their day in a clinic doing consultations or caring for patients in other parts of the hospital, including in the intensive care unit. Sometimes, if they are anesthetizing patients who are having complex surgeries, they may have to spend as many as eight hours in an operating room. In the operating room, anesthesiologists work as part of a team which includes nurses and surgeons.

Anesthesiologists who work in hospitals may have to work long hours, sometimes up to 65 hours a week. Night and weekend work is quite common, as anesthesiology call coverage must be provided at all times Anesthesiologists usually take about 20 to 35 vacation days a year and are rarely required to travel as part of their job.

Anesthesiologists who work only in pain treatment centres may not have to work on weekends and they are not usually on call. These anesthesiologists also work as part of a team of other professionals such as physiotherapists and psychotherapists.

Working Conditions