Quality and Patient Safety

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is committed to provide and promote the dialogue around patient safety and quality improvement in order to best serve our patients and CAS members. The committee continues to support and establish initiatives which address patient safety concerns such as safe medication practices, workplace human factors, QI-methodology and equal access to resources and learnings for all communities. The committee also continues to engage with other CAS Committees such as Standards, CAIRS, Ethics & EDI, as well as advising the CAS Board of Directors regarding patient safety and quality improvement matters.

What's New?

CAS has released a medication safety bulletin, with regards to the Sandoz Ketamine Hydrochloride shortages in Canada. Please download and share with your colleagues.

CAS Medication Shortage Bulletin - Ketamine Hydrochloride

Date: February 24th, 2023
File Format: PDF

The committee has released its latest safety bulletin. It will be available in the upcoming March issue of the Anesthesia News newsletter. 

March 2023 - Equity: The Forgotten QI Element


If you have a question for the committee, please contact us.

Committee Members

  • Dr Conor Mc Donnell, Chair
  • Dr Lucie Filteau, Past Chair​
  • Dr Gregory Dobson
  • Dr Claudia Paola Gomez, Physician Wellness Rep
  • Dr David Hakim
  • Dr Esther Shin Hyun Kang
  • Dr Niveditha Karuppiah
  • Dr Maha Said Al Mandhari
  • Dr Kelly Mayson
  • Dr Dolores McKeen
  • Dr Kowe Olajide
  • Dr Melissa Setiawan
  • Dr Kathryn Sparrow
  • Dr Vanessa Sweet
  • Dr Mullein Thorleifson
  • Ms Cristina Mita