CAS Board of Directors

As of August 2023

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Executive Committee

Dr Giuseppe Fuda

Vice President

Dr Andrew Nice


Dr Dolores McKeen

Past President

Vanessa Foran, CAE

Chief Executive Officer

Divisional Representatives

Dr Angela Ridi

Newfoundland & Labrador

Dr Joseph Desreux

Prince Edward Island

Dr Dennis Drapeau

Nova Scotia

Dr Tim Maxwell

New Brunswick

Dr Melanie Orvold


Dr Annika Vrana

British Columbia

Ex-officio Members (voting)

Dr Mateen Raazi

ACUDA President

Dr Melissa Liu

Resident Representative

Invited Guests (non-voting)

Dr Joel Parlow


Dr Stephan K.W. Schwarz

CJA Editor In Chief

Dr Michael Cummings

RCPSC Representative
You may contact the Board of Directors through the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society central office.